Collars & Leads - Racing Sets - Leather
Item No BRBL1 - Genuine Bridle Leather Black
Greyhound genuine black bridle leather racing collar and lead sets
Lead and collar made from English sedgewick bridle leather back - 3.5-4mm thick.
Leather collar:  Genuine Italian belting leather.  NOT reconstituted, Solid genuine leather
Colour: Black only.  
Collar:  45 mm tapering to 25 mm with full buckle or half buckle with keeper and dee.
Lining:  genuine leather suede, rubber backing or Felt or combination of the 2 or 3.
Genuine leather connecting strap with full buckle.
Lead (shown with plats - can be done without the plats) or stitched and rivetted
Or a combination of both.  Depending on the leather length, 2 or 3 platts.  
Appr 1650mm long.
Collars can be made to be wither wider (example 60mm tapering to 32mm, etc)
Collars can be made with either full buckle and dee, or half buckle, keeper and dee.
Prices for leather leads and collars start at $55 each.  (excludes postage)

Available in 1/2 buckle & full buckle
Item No CLBEL01 - Embossed Collar & Lead Race Set
Black Leather Collar Embossed &  Leather Lead
Colours of names on collar can be either white or gold.

Collars can be sold separately.  

Embossing on collar starts at $7 for names (excludes cost of collar)