2020 has been a challenging year.  COVID has disrupted all of our lives.

A disruption started for us in October 2019 when Leatherite, the manufacturers of Apollo Strapping and Brumby Strapping, announced that they were closing their doors in 2020.  We had managed to secure some future stock to keep going.  With COVID hitting, and going into lockdown, our product sales did not slow down.  But we have had to look for an alternative.  And we found it.  We still want to make the collars and leads ourselves.  However, we are going to go with a variety of pvc strapping to cater for different needs.

The PVC coated webbing is coming from 3 different sources:
-Budget PVC coated webbing imported strapping in 25mm and 16mm, which helps to keep the cost low.
-Auscoat PVC coated Webbing in lead and catching leads, an Australian made product.
-BIOTHANE. The product that we are most excited about.  BIOTHANE is a registered trademark product from the USA.  PVC coated webbing and designed with the canine in mind. The leads and collars come in a variety of colours.  

Our choice has been to go to BIOTHANE due to the quality, the guarantees and the availability of the product in Australia, although it sells per foot and not per metre.  Our leather products will not change to anything different.

We will slowly be transitioning to the new products.  Please be aware that some products in Apollo strapping and Brumby is no longer available.  Feel free to send us an email with queries or wishes, and we will see if we can bring it to fruition or explore alternatives for you.
Let's hope that 2021 is going to be great.

Liz and Theo
Team Elite Greyhound

These are the some NEW 19mm BIOTHANE collars

Info on BIOTHANE can be found here: