Leather Collars
Item No COL01 - Leather Collar
Leather collar various sizes
Half buckle with keeper and welded dee or Full buckle with welded dee
Lined with genuine leather suede, felt or rubber
Please contact us and speak to us of your wishes.
PRICES start from $25 each

Yard Collars
Item No YCA1 - Yard Collars
Available in 15 colours - 25mm wide
Manufactured in Australia from Apollo Strapping.
Available the following colours:
Red, white, sky blue, yellow, black, emerald green, pink, fluro green, purple, light blue, lavender.
Price AUD $6.00 each

Puppy Collars
Item PCA1 - Puppy Collars
19mm wide puppy collars
Full buckle and welded dee
Will fit pups from 3 months onwards
Made from Apollo strapping
Red, white, yellow, sky blue, jade green, pink, black, purple, gold, white, fluro orange,
Fluro green, light blue, lavendar.
Price AUD $5.00 each

Clip Leads - Apollo Strapping
Item CLA1 - Clip Lead
19mm wide Apollo strapping clip leads
Approx 1650mm long
Nickle plated swivel snap/clip lead
Colours: white, red, yellow, pink, purple, black, light green, light blue.
Price AUD $12.00 each (Apollo strapping)

Clip Leads - with Swivel Scissor Snap
Item CLW1 - Clip Lead Webbing
Clip leads with swivel scissor snap or swivel snap.
25mm polyester woven webbing
Colours: white, black, black & white check, yellow, pink, mauve(purple), blue, green, red
Length: 1650mm
Price: $10..00 each

Catching Leads
Item ASCL19MM - Catching Lead Apollo Strapping - 19mm wide
Easiest way to catch a dog. Apollo strapping catching leads are ideal. You can roll it up into a little ball and put it in your pocket, if it gets wet, dry it with your hanky and put it back or wrap it around your neck. Handle part is big enough to cater for a large hand.
Available in Apollo strapping
Colours: red, white, black, yellow, green, pink, purple.
Price: $ 7.00 each - 19mm wide

Twisted Leads
Twisted Lead
Leads made from genuine leather with a twist.
Can be made with a snap or connecting strap.
Length of lead appr 1650mm, but can be made to your specifications.
Please contact us and specify your wishes and we can then forward you a quote.