Theo and I, Liz, are the team behind 'Elite Greyhound'.

Our product range is handmade by us in Benalla. It is not factory made, nor is it imported. We try to source local raw materials as much as possible. Our product range has been established and seemingly seems to grow. We provide a service par excellence to the wider greyhound community.  

We are not a commercial operative, and will always dwell in the realms of the cottage industry.  Every item is genuinely handmade, with the aid of a sewing machine here and there.  The products we have on board are the ones developed by ourselves over the years, through trial and error.
We are able to make leads, collars, clip leads, catching leads, bark muzzles and head checks to your specifications.

Our range is not limited to Greyhounds, as we also make collars and leads for whippets and Italian greyhounds and other breeds.
The materials we use are Apollo Strapping, genuine leather and polyester woven webbing. As our company has grown, so has our product range, and it only takes a question from someone about making a different type of product and off we go again. We see our business as a service to the broader greyhound world, and in such we guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our products.
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We do not discriminate between the racing greyhound, the adopted greyhound or the rescue greyhound.  We love the breed.
If you have any questions please contact us by email: greyhound@people.net.au